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Digital technologies are transforming the way we do business – they enable organisations to serve their customers in new ways, extend their global reach and operate more efficiently. The range of digital technologies available today have the capability to change how we do almost everything. For this reason technology teams in every enterprise have a critical role to play in supporting their business to successfully realize its digital vision. ITIPS offers advisory and delivery services that can help you on this journey.

Cloud Strategy & Adoption

Cloud computing provides the foundation for agility, innovation and growth, but only when implemented through a comprehensive cloud strategy. We have designed, developed and implemented cloud solutions for enterprise customers across a number of industries. This broad perspective enables us to provide unprecedented insights into how market leaders use the cloud and what is required to leverage its full potential. Experienced in all the leading cloud service providers, we offer expert advice across public, private or hybrid options to help you choose the right environment for your organisation.

Cloud Migration

ITIPS helps customers transition from on-premise services to cloud or hybrid based services. Our cloud experts provide detailed guidance through the various phases of a migration project to ensure your move to the cloud is seamless, non-disruptive and secure. We have experience of migrating a wide range of business-critical workloads to the cloud including virtual machines, physical-to-virtual or individual applications. Our architects and engineers have extensive migration experience using the main cloud platforms and their associated tools, and specialize in architectural designs that meet the governance, compliance and security requirements of highly regulated industries.

Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery

For businesses today, software-driven innovation is the new source of competitive advantage. To increase agility and improve the customer experience, there is a growing need for organisations to increase the frequency and quality of their software releases. DevOps is an integrated approach to software delivery that helps transform an organisations culture, processes and tools. Our DevOps services extend across the lifecycle and support both digital customer-facing systems and large-scale enterprise products. Our specialists work with you to analyse, design and implement end-to-end deployment pipelines and to establish or update continuous integration capabilities using modern tools and methods.

Digital Product & Service Development

The growth of digital has created unprecedented opportunities for organisations to engage and interact with their customers. Every organisation will have to decide how they respond, striking the balance between enhancing existing products and creating new ones. We help our customers harness the benefits of mobile, web and cloud technologies to digitally transform their business. Using agile methods to improve time to market, our services cover the entire software lifecycle encompassing the design, development and launch of new products and services, and the migration of existing applications to the latest technologies. We have extensive expertise in enterprise technologies including Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, iOS, Android, LAMP, Java and full JavaScript frameworks.

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